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How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch: Part 2

Putting items in the back of a pickup truck is called “hauling.” While hauling is convenient for certain tasks, you cannot put a horse in the back of your pickup truck! That’s why many drivers need to “tow” as well. Towing means you attach something to the back of your truck and bring it along as it trails behind you. This very important connection is done with the help of a hitch. More specifically, it is time for a fifth wheel hitch in many cases.

To put it plainly- if you have a lot to tow, you have a need for a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. A fifth-wheel trailer hitch is a heavy-duty trailer attachment system that is able to be added to your own pickup truck for exceptional hauling power. These hitches are designed for handling much heavier loads than the typical ball hitch can carry. If you have a serious load, you need a fifth wheel hitch in order to carry all of that weight. It’s that easy!

Your truck needs a fifth wheel hitch, but it doesn’t come with one. That means you need to install it. As this is part two of our instructions, we suggest you look back at part one of the series if you haven’t yet gotten started.

Now it’s time to keep moving forward with our instructions! In the following guide, we will go step-by-step through the process of fifth wheel hitches installation. Remember to follow the specific instructions for assembly when mounting your own 5th wheel hitch. Here are the last ten steps!

Step #6 Bolt in the under-bed brackets
Step #7 Bolt down the front fifth wheel rail
Step #8 Slowly and correctly measure the fifth wheel hitch height
Step #9 Attach the fifth wheel legs
Step #10 Position the rear fifth wheel rail
Step #11 Drill holes for the rear base rail
Step #12 Bolt down the rear base rail
Step #13 Install any remaining bolts
Step #14 Torque all hardware
Step #15 Secure the fifth wheel hitch

There you have it. You’re all finished! Now that your hitch is safely and securely attached to your vehicle, where will you be taking it? Will your new fifth wheel hitch be helping you take the boat down to the lake for an afternoon in the sun? Or perhaps, you need this professionally and your fifth wheel hitch is going to make it possible to get all of your equipment to a client’s home. You could even use these steps to install a fifth wheel hitch to take a livestock trailer to the county fair or a show. There’s no limit to what a well-installed fifth wheel hitch can do for you!

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