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Eliminating over 98% of shock

Built in the U.S.A. with the highest quality steel and stringent manufacturing guidelines, TrailerSaver air-ride suspension hitches are guaranteed to provide you with the smoothest ride available on the road today. Don’t settle for anything less than TrailerSaver.

  • 4-way pivoting coupler
  • Eliminates bouncing and chucking
  • Installs in minutes
  • Protects the trailer frame & trailer contents
  • Increased comfort for driver and passengers
  • Less strain on trailer and truck suspension
  • 1 1/8” thick positive locking jaws for secure connection with minimal tolerance
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Gooseneck ball options available (TS3 and TSLB)
  • Available built in air compressor


Our level pivot point design of the hitch itself is unique to the TrailerSaver. It ensures that the trailer can never pitch up and forward toward the tow vehicle, which can cause a loss of control. With the TrailerSaver, the forward motion is absorbed completely, never allowing the trailer to “push” the tow-vehicle.

The TrailerSaver Air-Ride 5th-Wheel hitch (send to site with your link) is built of solid steel, with a 4-way pivot head and jaws that completely encircle the king pin. It is simply the most rugged piece of towing equipment on the road today.

With TrailerSaver, you get a robust air-ride system, a solid, pivoting hitch head, and over a decade of flawless performance.

TrailerSaver Air-ride 5th wheel hitches (send to site with your link) are the industry leader in air-ride technology. We have five models to choose from, ranging in trailer weight ratings of 14,000 to 32,000 pounds.

TS3 – At the heart of the TS3 lies its innovative level head pivoting system. Unlike traditional hitch heads, the Holland-Binkley style head pivots around a point aligned with the head, efficiently transferring both vertical and horizontal trailer motions. This unique design ensures that all forward trailer movement is directed downwards, significantly enhancing
traction on the road during critical moments. The TrailerSaver TS3 not only delivers the smoothest ride among 5th-wheel hitches but also prioritizes safety above all else.

BD3 The BD3 Air-Ride hitch is for the weekenders and anyone else who prefers to keep the hitch out of their truck when they’re not towing. The BD3 breaks down into two separate units for quick, easy installation and removal. Convenient, but still with the comfort and safety of an air-ride 5th wheel hitch. Built with the same heavy-duty construction as our TS3 hitch, the BD3 is the perfect air-ride hitch for anyone who values comfort and quality.

TSLB The TSLB2H Air-Ride hitch is for the medium to heavy-duty truck owner. Based on the same design as the TS3, it comes with a standard bolt-down mounting plate and a weight rating of 32,000 pounds. The Holland-Binkley style hitch head pivots about a point level with the head itself. This transfers not only the up-down motion of the trailer, but the fore-aft motion as well. And because of the level-head pivot, all forward motion of the trailer is transferred down, increasing your traction on the road when you need it most. That’s why the TrailerSaver TS3 and TSLB2H provide not only the smoothest ride of any 5th wheel hitch, but the safest as well.

BD5 The BD5 Air-Ride hitch is for the Ford, GM and Ram underbed systems. No adapters necessary! The BD5 simply locks into your current underbed system. No other installation necessary. Convenient and practical, the BD5 offers the same smooth air-ride that has made TrailerSaver synonymous with comfort and extended life of both your truck and 5th wheel.

Standard Rigid 5th-wheel hitches

We also have standard 5th wheel hitches ranging in trailer weight ratings of 19,000 to 32,000 pounds.

All of our 5th wheel hitches fit standard slotted rails, but we offer an under-bed rail system adapter for those trucks with that feature. And if you’re towing with a medium-duty truck or a modified tractor trailer, our bolt down hitches will fit any standard bolt pattern.