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Concession Trailers

The concessioner livelihood depends on being at the location on time and being able to setup quickly. If you have a breakdown on the road and you had to have repairs done to the trailer you may not arrive at your destination on time. This will cost you money for the repairs and less income than you planned. Also, there is the period of time after you arrive and you need to get setup for business. If the contents of your trailer are damaged and need repairs, that also costs money and could reduce your income. With any hard connection hitch, the solid connection to the trailer causes your tow vehicle to feel every bump your trailer feels and your trailer feels every bump your vehicle feels.

Have you arrived at your destination and find the trailer contents suffered damage from all of the bouncing because of bad road conditions and you have to spend time putting your trailer and contents back together?

All of the problems noted above are faced by the thousands around globe on a daily basis. Many of the problems above can be solved or drastically reduced if you place an air hitch between you tow vehicle and your trailer. Our air hitch cushions the ride of the tow vehicle and the trailer.

The air hitch absorb the shock, bounce and vibration that usually come with pulling a trailer with a hard connection tow hitch. This allows the trailer to rock back and forth on its natural axis as it was originally designed to do. Our hitches Will fit your Fifth (5th) Wheel, Gooseneck, and Receiver hitches. Because you are not bouncing all over the road all 4 wheels stay in contact with the pavement, on panic braking, nosedive is virtually eliminated.

Driver fatigue is greatly reduced and your family, friends, and animals Will enjoy the smoother, less bouncy ride.

The wear and tear on your truck and trailer will be greatly reduced. You can add air springs to the truck and to the trailer, but this Will not fix the problem if you still have a hard connection hitch. Fix the problem at the source, with an air trailer hitches, you do not need air suspension on the trailer or truck unless you just want all the comfort you can get and don’t mind paying for it.

The air hitch is a lasting investment as it can be easily transferred to a new vehicle and give you years of good service.