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Horse Trailers

Business and Personal Trailers for Improving the Ride. There are many types of trailers that are used for business and pleasure.

How is this IMPACTING your Horse?

Animals riding in trailers has always been a dangerous situation. The horse has to stand spread almost spread eagle in the trailer when in motion to keep from falling. The bounce and jerk of the trailer also place undue stress on the horse’s leg muscles and joints, making the horse stressed out, tired, and jumpy by the time the trailer stops… especially on long rides. The drive always seems to take a little longer because the driver has to stop and let the horses rest every four to six hours.

Our Solution: Air Hitches

Every horse owner knows this problem exists. Our hitch reduces the tire bounce of the trailer so drastically, that the trailer and its contents are under less stress, thereby eliminating damage to the trailer, the tow vehicle and most especially, the horses.The AirSafe™ system is available for almost any type of towing situation. The Air Ride™ product line includes hitches for receiver standard ball hitch, Pintle hitch or weight distribution hitch in the “Class 4” through “Class 8” weight classes. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) American Standards 1648 and VESC Regulations V-5 and Canadian Standard D264 have tested the hitch for a Class 4 rating (1,000 pounds Tongue Weight and 10,000 pounds Gross Trailer Weight). The Air Ride™ Gooseneck Hitch is built to withstand 7,000 pounds Tongue Weight and 25,000 pounds Gross Trailer Weight, and the Air Ride™ 5th Wheel Hitches are built to handle up to 5,500 pounds Tongue Weight and 25,000 pounds Gross Trailer Weight.

A Success Story:

From: Gary Pipkin, President, Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association6505 South Russellville Road

Franktown, CO 80116


To:  President, Advanced Air Hitch, Inc.

Gary Pipkin, President of the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association (a Colorado based NHRA affiliate), and Vice President of Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association, AQHA’s official state affiliate for Colorado, recently added an Air Ride Hitch to the gooseneck coupler of his 40’ Sundowner trailer. Pipkin has been hauling reining horses for several years with a one-ton dually pickup. He has experienced roads so rough that clothes would bounce off the clothes rod in the living quarters and other items on the bed or sofa would bounce off. Concerned that this roughness reverberated all the way back to the horses, Pipkin sought a solution.

In the interim period of time, he upgraded his tow vehicle to a new International 4700 Low Profile with a custom hauling bed. This newer vehicle was rated for heavier loads and thus he felt a firmer and somewhat rougher ride than in the one ton pickup. His search for anything to soften the ride intensified. That’s when Sundowner faxed him information about a new air ride hitch being marketed by Advanced Air Hitch, Inc. of Beech Island, SC. Pipkin immediately contacted the company and ordered a gooseneck hitch on a trial basis to see whether or not it would solve the rough ride being transferred to the nose of the Sundowner trailer. Immediately upon installing the hitch, Pipkin had his wife ride on the bed of the truck and watch the motion of the hitch as he drove up and down the unpaved roads next to his ranch. Seeing was believing! Next he tested the softer ride on an 1800-mile round trip to Arizona. Road conditions felt in the truck were totally absorbed by the gooseneck air ride hitch and items previously askew in the living quarters remained unaffected during his entire trip. “It’s pretty obvious to me that if the front of the trailer is experiencing less roughness, then the horses in the rear of the trailer will benefit proportionately as well,” commented Pipkin.

Pipkin became such a believer in this new technology available to the trailer towing market that he immediately contacted the manufacturer to become a distributor for the hitch in the Rocky Mountains region of the country.