Gooseneck Hitch vs Fifth Wheel Hitch: Which is Right for You?


Are you in need of a new hitch? If you’re like most, you are towing something very heavy and very important. This means you need the right hitch to ensure you are getting to your destination efficiently and without damaging your vehicle, plus keeping your precious cargo safe. But which hitch is right for you? Before you make a purchase, learn all you can about gooseneck hitches and 5th wheel hitches. Then, order your needed part online!

Don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want and need. First things first- what are these two types of hitches? A gooseneck hitch looks like a ball mount, except it is welded or mounted on a rail in your truck bed, not at the edge of your tailgate. Why? Mainly for even more strength and durability. A 5th wheel hitch does not have a ball mount. Instead, your trailer connects to the fifth wheel hitch via a king pin, which is a downward-facing pin, along with a plate that rests on top of the fifth wheel hitch plate. Fifth wheel hitches are available in capacities up to 30K, however a max capacity of 24k or 25K is more common since they are mounted to personal vehicles for recreational uses. Remember, the true capacity of your towing system will be limited by the capacity of the lowest rated component on your truck. Your hitch cannot handle a higher capacity than your truck itself! A 5th wheel hitch offers a smoother ride, which can be further improved by upgrading to an air-ride pin box that is sold by Air Safe Hitches. This helps lessen road shock, tugging, and jarring as you tow.

Next, what is the difference between a 5th wheel hitch and a gooseneck hitch? A few things actually, including the intended use. A gooseneck hitch is normally used for commercial trailers, while a 5th wheel hitch is for recreational use. A gooseneck hitch is also the most common type of hitch for animal trailers, since they’re so heavy. Of course, the type of trailer matters as well. If you only plan on towing a fifth wheel trailer and not a gooseneck trailer, you probably want to go with a fifth wheel hitch. That makes a lot of sense! That all being said, if you plan on towing both a gooseneck trailer and a 5th wheel trailer and going back and forth, you can also use an adapter plate instead of manually taking off the hitches.

Now that you know what a gooseneck hitch and a 5th wheel hitch are, and when each one is typically used, you can purchase your needed hitch online. The internet makes it very simple to search for exactly what you want. When buying 5th wheel hitches or gooseneck hitches online, you have the freedom to choose from a much larger selection of weight capacities, sizes, and brands, much more so than if you just went to the one or two stores in your town. That’s the best part of shopping online! Whether you’re looking for something to safely get your horses to the show, bring the boat to the lake, or work with multiple trailers without needing to be switched out, you will be able to find the right hitch that will meet your towing needs.

Air Safe Hitches makes it easy to find a hitch that is just right for you. Order your gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch today and soon, you’ll be towing with ease!

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