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Gooseneck Hitches For Sale

Gooseneck trailer hitches are designed to pull horse, cargo, equipment, government, homeland security, boat, concession, race car, and other types of trailers. At AirSafe Hitches, we came up with a gooseneck hitch design that can improve your ride by over 90%. Contact us now and we will assist you with your gooseneck air hitch needs!

(Our Gooseneck hitch does not work with a 5th Wheel trailer using a Gooseneck adapter to connect the 5th wheel to the Gooseneck ball on the truck. Please call for additional information if you have or plan to use this type of adapter.)

Our hitch prices include free shipping in the continental US. All other locations would have to get custom shipping/freight quotes and adjust to charge the difference.

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Round 7,000 lbs Tg Weight – 26,000 lbs GTW

Square 7,000 lbs Tg Weight – 26,000 lbs GTW

Gooseneck 1

Available in the standard coupler or 4” extended coupler to use when you do not have 12” of space around the recessed ball on your Western Hauler style truck box.

Best Gooseneck Hitches for Horse Trailers

Air Safe Hitches and its patented Gooseneck Hitch by AirSafe™ will improve your ride by 90%. This Hitch will save you many repairs to your trailer down the road, repairs that would cost much more than the hitch.

“I now realize how bad our roads are! We had to pull our 45′ Bloomer from San Antonio, Tx to Shelbyville, Tn at a speed well below any posted limit. Our pull truck is a Ford F-450, and the truck’s springs responded and reacted to each of the road rough spots and at times the occupants ( my wife & I ) literally were bounced off the seat and up to the ceiling of the truck!! The ride comparison of with and without the air ride hitch is like sleeping on a pillow-top mattress or trying to sleep on a trampoline while the kids are bouncing on it! Without a doubt, we will NEVER pull this horse trailer again with a standard hitch. The Air-Ride comfort, stability, safety, and Indeed the lessening of fatigue while driving makes this the number one piece of equipment that should be standard on all large/heavy trailers.”

- Kenneth Chapline

Moreover, our gooseneck trailer hitch is especially ideal for animal-carrying applications. Animals riding in trailers has always been a dangerous situation. The horse has to stand almost spread eagle in the trailer when in motion to keep from falling. The bounce and jerk of the trailer also place undue stress on the horse’s leg muscles and joints, making the horse stressed out, tired, and jumpy by the time the trailer stops, especially on long rides. The drive always seems to take a little longer too, because the driver has to stop and let the horses rest every four to six hours.

Using an Air Ride Hitch will give you a smoother ride for you and your horses, other animals, and cargo. This gooseneck air hitch will reduce the repairs and maintenance on your truck and trailer, therefore, saving you time and money.

Maximum Bounce Protection

Every horse owner knows this problem exists. Our gooseneck hitch reduces the tire bounce from the trailer so drastically that the trailer and its contents are under less stress. As a result, our gooseneck trailer hitch eliminates damage to the trailer, the tow vehicle, and, most especially the horses.

Trust Our AIRSAFE™ Gooseneck Hitches

Air Safe Hitches offers the industry’s largest selection of air hitches. Innovation and engineering ensures you receive the safest and smoothest ride. Our motto says it all: “Enjoy the ride, arrive alive.” 

With AIRSAFE™ you stop the flow of shock flow between the tow vehicle to the trailer and greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. The patented AIRSAFE™ hitches are engineered so the connection to the trailer is separated from the connection to the tow vehicle by an industrial-strength airbag.

Air Safe Gooseneck Hitches by AIRSAFE™ is simply the best air product money can buy. We engineered this product with you and your precious cargo in mind. Simply remove your existing gooseneck tube and coupler and replace it with the AIRSAFE™ system. Our gooseneck air hitch is available in round and square necks.

Air Safe Gooseneck Hitch Features

Our gooseneck air hitch features a 36,000lb rated solid steel coupler machined from solid bar stock ensuring the best ball confection offered in the industry today. Inside the neck, there is a tube with two solid pieces of self-lubricating Nyoil Blocks which allow for smooth maintenance-free upward and down movement.

We offer a tough, durable, and maintenance-free gooseneck hitch. Our system also features two heavy-duty airbags. These airbags are connected together allowing air to move back and forth eliminating the chucking, bucking, and surging caused by a rigid connection.

Simply adjust air levels to the clearly marked height. About 50 psi is all you will need once again you can use a portable air pump or an air compressor. Our exclusive design protects your precious cargo from injury. Veterinarians recommend the AIRSAFE™ Air Safe gooseneck hitch.

All Features:

  • V-19 certified and rated to 36,000 GTW
  • Will connect to any standard 2 5/16” ball
  • Machined from solid stock, not cast
  • Locking pins induction hardened to 55 Rockwell
  • To unlock, pull and twist the handle
  • To lock, twist the handle and the spring loaded pins into locked position
  • Position the ball anywhere under the 5: diameter circular connector and lower the trailer
  • A beveled, sloped surface allows the connector to slide over the ball, coming to rest in the towing position
  • Dual pin locking system contacts the ball on two sides minimizing ball movement inside the connector
Gooseneck 3
  • Two, 8” Industrial air springs Reduce Shock transfer by 90%
  • Reduces chucking, bucking, and surge
  • Quickly attaches to your existing trailer pin
  • Features a 1” and 2” spacer for proper trailer leveling
  • 36,000lb rated steel coupler machined from solid stock steel
  • Patented design
  • Features two internal nylon composite slides for effortless and quiet sliding motion
  • Veterinarian approved and recommended
  • Both airbags air joined giving fluid front to back air motion
  • No bearings to crush or wear out, instead we use the military tough
  • Nyloil® is a self-lubricating nylon. So tough you can actually machine it.
  • Powder coated for a tough durable finish giving longer life and increased visual appeal.
  • Engineered using Solid Works® the world’s most recognized engineering software.
  • Assembled with Class 5 nuts and bolts
  • 2 year warranty
  • Brass air fittings insure long life and helps ensure against air leaks
  • Shipped by freight making sure the product arrives in tip-top shape.
  • Rated at 7000lb pin weight 26,000 GTW
  • On-line installation instructions and assembly information

Minimal Hitch Maintenance!

At Air Safe Hitches, we design and manufacture hitches with our customers in mind. Our gooseneck hitches require minimal maintenance, saving you lots of time and resources. The whole interior of the gooseneck trailer hitch is surrounded by our self-lubricating composite (green). This provides precise machining which results in controlled movement inside the tube. 

Our competition uses other means that cannot be machined to the precise tolerances, therefore, causing slop inside the tube which will eventually make wear patterns that deteriorate their effectiveness. Their gooseneck trailer hitches also have to be taken apart on a regular basis for lubrication and cleaning. 

Why go through all the hassle? All gooseneck air hitches by Air Safe Hitches can last forever with minimal maintenance and smooth travel.

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