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How to Choose the Best Wheel Hitch for Your Pickup Truck

Choose the Best Wheel Hitch for Your Pickup Truck

You aren’t someone who drives a pickup truck just because it looks cool. You need your pickup truck to do a serious job! No matter how capable your truck is, it needs a little from you in order to do it’s tasks, though. You need to keep it gassed up, of course. As well, you always bring your truck in for routine maintenance and oil changes, so it can run as smoothly as possible. Have you given as much thought to your wheel hitch? If you’re not towing with the best wheel hitch for your pickup truck, your truck is being limited!

How to Choose the Best Wheel Hitch for Your Pickup Truck

Choosing the best wheel hitch isn’t as impossible as it may sound. In fact, you only need to keep five things in mind. These are:

#1 Consider towing capacity and weight.

Towing capacity is the maximum weight your truck is rated to tow. Gross trailer weight is the total weight of your 5th wheel trailer when it is loaded and hitched up to your truck. Your towing capacity is limited by the lowest-rated towing component. This is why we recommend buying a 5th wheel hitch that meets or exceeds your truck’s towing capacity.

#2 Measure truck bed length.

Once you know the capacities of your truck, it’s time to do a bit of measuring. This is important because the length of the truck bed determines how much space or clearance your truck and trailer will have when hitched up. This will determine which type of mounting platform your 5th wheel hitch needs, either legs or a slider.

#3 Determine if the truck bed has pucks.

A puck system is a built-in mounting platform. It consists of a center gooseneck hole and a set of anchoring points or, which are known as “pucks”. If your truck is a Ford, GMC, Nissan, or Ram, it is possible it has a puck system.

#4 Choose permanent or removable 5th wheel rails.

If you find that your truck is one that is not equipped with a puck system, the traditional method for installing a 5th wheel hitch is to use rails. You may either install permanent base rails or removable base rails, depending on which you need or want.

#5 Select a style of 5th wheel hitch.

All that is left to do now is to browse our selection of 5th wheel hitches based on weight capacity and features, and then choose the best one for you.

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