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5th Wheel Hitch For Sale

Our 5th wheel hitches by AirSafe work with all fifth wheels trailers, campers, RV, etc. All our 5th wheel hitch models use air ride technology. For a fluid ride and the ultimate control, consider the 5th Wheel trailer hitches from Air Safe Hitches.

Benefits of the Air Safe 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Our Fifth Wheel connection hitches contain the highest-quality air hitch technology to make your rides smoother. All our customers have a great experience using our 5th Wheel Hitches! They provide several benefits for both your tow vehicle and trailer, including:

  1. These Air Safe Hitches are designed to provide a less-jarring ride when you are towing, therefore preventing both your tires and your nerves from wearing thin.
  2. The Air Safe 5th Wheel Hitches allow 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than a traditional hitch does.
  3. The friction reduction allows you to get more efficient gas mileage and decreases the amount of strain on the suspension systems of your truck and your trailer.
  4. A smoother ride also eliminates the possibility of damage to the objects inside your trailer.

5th Wheel Hitch Models:

We offer two different models for our fifth wheel Air Safe Hitches. Our OMNI 5th Wheel hitches can mount on standard rails or connect to the Ford, GMC, or Dodge factory-installed Underbed systems or aftermarket Reese Underbed systems.

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 1


The OMNI-20 can tow campers, RVs and fifth wheel trailers of up to 20,000 lbs GTW. It offers omni directional control which makes it perfect for any trailer, regardless of the Trailer Pin Weight. As all our top-quality Air Safe Hitches, the OMNI-20 is carefully designed to allow for a smoother ride, regardless of the road conditions. Its 4 airbags hitch system is designed to allow the hitch to move on the air bags in any direction, based on the trailer’s articulation.

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 3


Our OMNI-25 5th Wheel Hitches can tow anything of up to 25,000 lbs GTW. Same as the 20K version, the OMNI-25 features omni directional control, the central aspect of our commitment to providing smoother rides. This 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch is available for trailers of all weights, with the possibility to adjust the amount of air in the hitch to meet your Trailer’s Pin Weight. The OMNI-25 provides maximum stability to any travel trailer, and allows you to actually enjoy the ride stress-free.

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 5

20K & 25K Built-in Adapter

We offer an adapter for the Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet/GMC factory installed or after market Underbed systems. The Omni-Directional 5th wheel hitch has a built-in adapter for the Ford and 2018-2019 Chevrolet/GMC Underbed systems. The Dodge and GMC 2020-2022 version requires a separate adapter. 

(See additional details below hitches listed below)

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 7

Underbed Adapter Ford/2020-2022 GMC

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 8

GMC 2020-2022 Adapter

5th Wheel Hitches For Sale 9

Dodge adapter

The Fifth Wheel Hitch for Any Vehicle

The Air Safe 5th Wheel Hitch is adjustable to the height of your trailer. There is never a need to release air or to re-inflate the air hitch when you are connecting or disconnecting your trailer. We offer both standard and heavy-duty hitches capable of carrying 25,000 lbs GTW and 32,000 GTW, respectively.

Multi-Directional Movement

Our Air Safe 5th Wheel Hitches are designed to move in multiple directions, decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the hitch itself and enabling you to maintain a level position with the side rails. Our “True Air” Air Ride system helps to increase the life of the suspension of your vehicle by absorbing the torque created by the trailer, thus decreasing driver strain and making road trips a more pleasant experience.

Start Enjoying Smooth Trips Now!

The Air Safe Fifth Wheel Hitch is designed to keep you safe on the road, to make the trip as smooth as possible and to eliminate stress on the objects in your trailer and the tow vehicle. What’s not to like? Order your hitch today to experience the ride that’s like a glide.

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