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How to Install a Gooseneck Ball Hitch

Step 1: Remove your spare tire and trim
Installing a gooseneck hitch requires access to the underside of your truck bed, so you’ll want to remove the spare tire and possibly even cut trim pieces on the truck to provide additional space.

Step 2: Measure and drill the ball hole
Measure where the gooseneck ball hole will need to be cut in your truck bed. This should be located above or slightly forward of the rear truck axle and centered between the wheel wells. Remember to measure twice and cut once! You will drill a pilot hole. Then, drill the full-size hole with the appropriate hole saw.

Step 3: Insert the cross-arm brackets
Insert the rear cross-arm bracket from the rear wheel well access point. Once in position, which means it is centered on the truck frame, you will use a wrench to rotate the cross-arm to the proper orientation. Then, insert the front cross arm bracket and position it as specified in the instruction manual.

Step 4: Install the gooseneck centre section
Next, you will lift the center section into the place, under the truck bed. Once in place, attach the necessary hardware to secure the gooseneck center section to the cross arm brackets.

Step 5: Attach the side plate brackets
Now it is time to attach the side plate brackets to the cross-arms with the included hardware. These will bolt into place inside the wheel wells. When attaching the side plates, you want to make sure the gooseneck hitch is squared up with the truck frame. Also, be sure to install side plate brackets on both the driver side and passenger side.

Step 6: Torque the hardware
Torque the hardware on the gooseneck hitch to the values specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes the nuts and bolts on the center section, brackets, and side plates.

Step 7: Install the safety chain anchors
You’re almost finished! You next need to attach the safety chain anchors, so holes will need to be drilled into the truck bed. Use the gooseneck centre section already installed as a template. All you need to do is drill up from underneath the bed. With the holes drilled, drop in the safety chain loops and attach the necessary hardware.

Step 8: Install the operating handle
First, install the locking pin mechanism for the gooseneck ball into the side of the ball hole. Then, slide the operating handle in through the wheel well access point, passing it through the hitch center section and into the locking pin. Attach the appropriate fasteners. Finally, replace the spare tire and reinstall any factory trim pieces as specified in the instructions.

There you have it. You’re all finished and your gooseneck hitch is ready to go! These steps are not difficult, but some aspects of the installation may be a bit heavy or tricky to see so feel free to invite a friend to come help with the installation.

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