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How to Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch: Part 1

If you have a lot to tow, you have a need for a fifth-wheel trailer hitch. A fifth-wheel trailer hitch is a heavy-duty trailer attachment system that is able to be added to your own pickup truck for exceptional hauling power. These hitches are designed for handling much heavier loads than the typical ball hitch can carry. If you have a serious load, you need a 5th wheel hitch in order to allow your truck to carry a significantly greater amount of weight.

Your 5 Fifth Wheel Hitch Choices:

5th Wheel Air Hitch. Some towing needs are seriously heavy and require some serious strength.

Heavy Duty 5th Wheel. Towing doesn’t have to mean doing damage to your truck. These hitches are designed for medium-duty toters and Semi-Truck conversions

Before you can get on the road and enjoy having your 5th wheel hitch tow your precious cargo with ease, you need to learn all you can about having fifth wheel hitches installed. How do you install a 5th wheel hitch?

There are two options, 1) Install standard rails 2) Use the truck Underbed Puck System.

With the Underbed Puck System all you need to do is order the 5th Wheel Hitch with the built-in adapter to connect to the puck system. When you order the 5th Wheel hitch you will select the model that connects to your Ford, GMC, or Dodge puck system.

Below are the steps needed to install standard rails in your truck if you do not have the puck system.

To put it plainly, the 5th wheel hitch installation involves removing the spare tire, measuring where bolt holes need to be drilled, drilling into the truck bed, assembling the 5th wheel hitch, measuring the trailer height, installing bolts and torquing hardware. It’s not too hard, but it’s not a three-step process either. You can do it!

In the following guide, we will go step-by-step through the process of fifth wheel hitches installation. Remember to follow the specific instructions for assembly when mounting your own 5th wheel hitch.

Step #1 Remove the spare tire

Step #2 Position the front base rail

Step #3 Mark the first drill location and drill a pilot hole

Step #4 Check the pilot hole under the truck bed and drill the remaining holes

Step #5 Enlarge the bolt holes

Come back next month for the next five steps!

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