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Gooseneck Testimonials

“I bought my air safe gooseneck hitch for my horse trailer in 2019. I love the improvement in ride. It took away all the “herky jerky” from pulling the trailer. On my first trip I ruined one of the shock absorbers because the safety chain bound up with it when turning. After that I have put the chains on the rear bed brackets and use rubber bungees to hold the chains away from the hitch. No problems since. Thank you for a good product!”

Brad Baber

“Again, I am very pleased with the new hitch. I’m looking forward to my next road trip.”

Don Clark

(Customer 2017 comment: I now realize how bad our roads are! We had to pull our 45′ Bloomer from San Antonio, Tx to Shelbyville, Tn at a speed well below any posted limit. Our pull truck is a Ford F-450, and the trucks springs responded and reacted to each of the roads rough spots and at times the occupants ( my wife & I ) literally were bounced off the seat and up to the ceiling of the truck!! The ride comparison of with and without the air ride hitch is like sleeping on a pillow-top mattress or trying to sleep on a trampoline while the kids are bouncing on it! Without a doubt, we will NEVER pull this horse trailer again with a standard hitch. The Air-Ride comfort, stability, safety and Indeed the lessening of fatigue while driving makes this the number one piece of equipment that should be standard on all large/heavy trailers.
Kenneth Chapline)
“I received it. I also wanted to let you know how awesome your products are. I was in a wreck this weekend and the wrecker, the body shop, and the police, all said that your hitch kept the truck from flipping over. The trailer was completely on its side and they all said that if it wasn’t for the hitch that the truck would have flipped also. If the truck would have been on its side I’m not sure how I could have got out.Thanks Again.”

Wade Salter