Buy a Gooseneck Air Hitch

Of all the choices you’ll make when selecting a trailer, none will affect your driving more than the choice between whether a gooseneck trailer hitch is the right option for you. Each trailer hitch option has its own advantages, but the gooseneck hitch is sometimes lesser known among new towers. This is unfortunate because it is a great option! How do you decide which hitch to choose?

First, you need to learn exactly what a gooseneck hitch is. A gooseneck can easily be confused with a fifth-wheel trailer hitch because the two hitch types are quite similar. The difference is a gooseneck trailer slides over a ball hitch in the bed of a pickup truck, while a fifth wheel trailer attaches to a pickup truck using a hinged plate hitch.

This is the same type of hitch that is used by semi trucks. They are typically used by people who have some serious towing to do. Many times, it involves carrying animals, like horses and cows. Using a gooseneck hitch will give you a smoother ride for you, and your animals, and any other cargo along for the ride. Does that describe your situation? Then you are ready to buy a gooseneck hitch!

If you need to pull a horse trailer, cargo trailer, equipment trailer, government trailer, homeland security trailer, boat trailer, concession trailer, race car trailer, or any other trailer that uses a gooseneck hitch, you can improve the ride by over 90% with our gooseneck air hitch by AirSafe Hitches. This hitch will save you many repairs to your trailer down the road, repairs that would cost much more than the hitch. We feature a 36,000-pound rated solid steel coupler machined from solid bar stock insuring the best ball confectioned offered in the industry today. Inside the neck tube is two solid pieces of self lubricating Nyoil Blocks which allow for smooth maintenance free upward and down movement. Our system also features two heavy-duty air bags. These airbags are connected together allowing air to move back and forth eliminating the chucking, bucking, and surging caused by a rigid connection. Now, you have some serious towing power without any jerking or tugging.

Order your gooseneck trailer hitch today and your next drive will be much better!