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Why Should I Use An Air Hitch?

use an air hitch

When facing a towing task, understanding the significance of the hitch used to connect your truck to the tractor-trailer is vital. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with air hitches as they can truly make a substantial impact. Yes, they really do make a big difference!

If you want to learn the benefits of attaching your camping trailer to an air hitch, this blog is for you!

Benefits of Using An Air Hitch

Consider all of the reasons you should use an air hitch:

It Saves You Money

By selecting the appropriate hitch, you can minimize the jolting and shaking experienced by both the trailer and its contents. Conventional towing methods often lead to metal fatigue, resulting in extensive wear and tear on your trailer and its cargo. You can extend their lifespan with Air Hitch products and maintain their value more effectively. You will not need vehicle maintenance for a while!

It is Safer

Prioritizing safety is paramount when operating a vehicle with significant cargo. By utilizing an air hitch, you can drastically reduce the transfer of trailer inertia. This substantial difference ensures enhanced stability and security during your travels.

It Gives You More Control

If you are transporting a travel trailer, control is an important aspect of the ride. The towing vehicle and trailer move independently, which gives you greater control and added safety, virtually eliminating all sway. The right hitch also greatly increases braking control since all the weight on the tow vehicle and trailer is distributed evenly. This gives you increased positive contact when braking and maneuvering.

Thanks to the air hitch, you won’t have to worry about your living space being wrecked on the way to your destination.

air hitch

Road Conditions Won’t Bother You

During a lengthy journey, various obstacles such as bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, hills, and fellow drivers can pose significant hazards. The continuous bumping and jarring intensify the discomfort of a long ride, often leaving your back and neck sore. However, with the implementation of Air Hitch, you can effectively maintain control and mitigate these challenging road conditions.

You’ll Spend Less Money on Gasoline.

The 90% smoother ride allows you to glide instead of bounce, increasing gas mileage and decreasing tire wear. Saving gas and wear and tear means saving money!

You’ll Arrive Alive

A suitable hitch minimizes driver fatigue and ensures all passengers’ safety throughout the journey. Whether you’re transporting your family, coworkers, friends, or even precious cargo like pets, horses, or livestock, this is a feature that everyone can truly value and appreciate!

Air Hitches For Smoother Rides

When you look at it this way, the choice is obvious!  Simply read which one is ideal for you based on towing capacities. Contact us today!

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