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Air Hitch Helps Make Your Rides Smoother than Before

You have a long drive ahead of you. Maybe you’re taking your horses to a show. Perhaps you’ve hitched the boat up to your personal pickup truck and you’re heading to the lake for the weekend. Maybe you are pulling lawn equipment and you will be driving all day long to get to each client’s property. Whatever your reason for towing, you aren’t looking forward to it because you know it means a lot of tugging and jarring. Your back is going to be really sore when this day is through!

What if we told you there is a better way? If the above situation sounds all too familiar to you, it is because of your hitch, not the cargo you are towing. It is time you look into a more suitable option. It provides safety and comfort with its ability to handle smoothly. With the variable height and weight distribution adjustment systems, makes the journey more manageable with less wear and tear on the vehicle, the trailer, and you! 

This isn’t like any other hitch you’ve ever experienced before. The air receiver hitch is robustly constructed, allowing greatly reduced shock transference between your towing vehicle and the connected trailer, caravan, RV, or vehicle. This feature ensures a smoother ride for both the passenger and driver inside the truck as well as your cargo. How do we do it? AirSafe hitches employ the latest airbag technology to absorb any shock to the suspension between the trailer connections and the towing vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving over rail lines or rocky terrain, air hitches ensure a safe and smooth ride.

When your trailer pulls on a regular hitch, you feel it in the cab. The traditional rigid connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer hitch receiver section results in the transference of shock throughout the towing vehicle. This provides an easy to manage ride, no matter what you’re towing and how heavy it is. The result is a smooth and comfortable ride, each and every time.

After your first time using this new kind of hitch, you’ll wonder what took you so long to make the switch! Say goodbye to your cargo trailer pulling you backward the entire trip. Your back pain will be a thing of the past!

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