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Air Receiver Hitches by AirSafe™

If you want a smoother ride and ultimate control, then you need the advantage provided by Air Safe Hitches with the Receiver Hitch by AirSafe™. Our design allows our satisfied customers a total air ride when compared with the Shocker Hitch with the hinged approach.

Benefits of the Air Safe Trailer Hitch Receiver

The Receiver Hitch by AirSafe™ is ideal for both heavy-duty and moderate towing. We designed our tow hitches to provide both safety and comfort during the ride. Some of the benefits of using our trailer hitch receivers include:

  1. With an Air Safe Receiver Hitch, you will get a 90% smoother ride than with a traditional hitch, which can save you money. 
  2. Glide across the highways and roads avoiding the constant bouncing, which leads to a decrease in gas mileage and early wear and tear on your tires. 
  3. Our Air Safe Receiver Hitches also reduce stress on your truck and trailer suspension and help eliminate breakages inside the trailer. 

Air Receiver Hitches Are Ideal For All Trailer Types

Our air trailer hitch receivers can pull any type of trailer, including: travel trailer, horse trailer, cargo trailer, equipment trailer, government trailer, homeland security trailer, boat trailer, concession trailer, race car trailer, and more. Our receiver hitches will improve the ride by over 90%. Whether you pull your trailer with a car, SUV, pickup truck, semi-truck, bus, motor coach, or any other type of tow vehicle you will benefit from our Receiver Air Hitch! 

A Feature-rich Hitch Design

With our Air Safe hitch design, the trailer totally rides on the airbag, not on a pivot pin that gives only a fraction of the ride improvement. Our hitch will work with all standard weight distribution systems, ball mounts, and Pintle hooks. Our hitches do not require any lubrication or maintenance to keep your hitch performing at the optimum performance.

New Class 3 (Click to see video – bottom of Video Page)

Our newest product is the Class 3 hitch receiver. We specially designed this hitch for small trailers with GTW under 8,000 lbs and tongue weights of 800l lbs. There are two versions GTW 6,000 and TW of 600, and the GTW 8,000 and TW of 800. Both versions have an adjustable trailer hitch ball mount for height settings.

Improved Braking, Handling, and Traction


See chart below on how we compare to the Shocker Hitch

Receivers 1

Trailer Hitch Receiver Models

Our Receiver Hitches come in six different classes that can tow any trailer from 9,000 lbs GTW to 30,000 lbs GTW. We designed every model of our rear receiver hitches to fulfill our main promise: allowing for smoother rides, regardless of the tow vehicle and trailer.

Receivers 3

Class 3

2” Draw Bar Bracket (Ball Not Included, 600 and 800 lbs Tg Weight – 6,000 and 8,000 lbs GTW

Receivers 4

Class 4

2” Draw Bar (Hollow Shaft) Bracket and Ball Not Included Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution and Ball are optional, 900 lbs Tg Weight – 9,000 lbs GTW

Air Receiver Hitches | https://airsafehitches.com

Class 5

Available with 2”, 2 1/2, and 3″ Draw Bar (Solid Shaft) Bracket and Ball Not Included Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution and Ball are optional, 1,400 lbs Tg Weight – 14,000 lbs GTW,  also available with 8.5” extended shaft 1,050 lbs Tg Weight – 14,000 lbs GTW

Air Receiver Hitches | https://airsafehitches.com

Class 6

2” and 2 1/2″ Draw Bar (Solid Shaft) Bracket and Ball Not Included Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution and Ball are optional, 2,000 lbs Tg Weight – 20,000 lbs GTW, also available with 8.5” extended shaft 1,500 lbs Tg Weight – 20,000 lbs GTW

Receivers 6

Class 7

2 1/2” and 3″ Draw Bar Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution and Ball are optional, 2,500 lbs Tg Weight – 25,000 lbs GTW also available with 8.5” extended shaft 1,875 lbs Tg Weight – 25,000 lbs GTW

Receivers 8

Class 8

2 1/2” and 3″ Draw Bar, Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution and Ball are optional, 3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW, also available with 8.5” extended shaft 2,250 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW

Receivers 10

Class 8

Connects to Sport Chassis hitch and the Class 8 can use Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution brackets, 3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW,  3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW

Receivers 8

Class 7 and 8

Also available with 3″ shaft

Receiver Hitch Brackets

To ensure maximum functionality of our hitch receivers, AirSafe™ offers a wide range of accessories and brackets including drop hitch receiver options. Our accessories range from adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts, to weight distribution accessories. If you’re looking for high-quality drop hitch receivers, AirSafe™ offers all kinds of brackets to meet your towing needs.

Receiver Hitch Installation

  1. Slide the Receiver shaft into the towing vehicle’s receiver tube.
  2. Install pin keeper and keeper ring (not included).
  3. Inflate or deflate the trailer hitch until the tie rods are level, then line up the vehicle with the trailer to determine its position.
  4. Install the ball on the ball mount plate and attach the trailer to the hitch.
  5. Attach safety chains, hook up brakes, lines, plug up lights and any other safety items.

Additional Information


How does your receiver hitch give me a smoother ride?

The AirSafe system separates your truck from your trailer. This way the truck does not transmit the bumps it goes over to the trailer. In the same way, the trailer does not transmit the bumps it goes over back to the truck. 

With a “Rigid” Hitch 100% is transferred back and forth, with “AirSafe™” only 10% is transferred.  Our trailer hitch receiver is 90% Smoother and 75% Safer.

Which Hitch capacity do I need?

We recommend that you do not exceed 75% of the hitch rating for your particular application. The reason for this is because most people underestimate the gross trailer weights and pin or tongue weights. 

As consumers we never know for sure unless we have the proper equipment to measure these items. This also allows for a larger trailer down the road, if we plan ahead. Our hitches work best when they are not maxed out, but are in the 50-75% capacity range. This will give you the most movement and smoothest ride.

How to set the Initial PSI Air for a Receiver Hitch?

When setting up a new unit fill it up to 90 and no more than a 100 PSI without the trailer (the unit will go all the way up). After that you hook up the trailer. Release the air until the bars on the side of the hitch are level or slightly pointing up.

Air Safe Hitches Class 3 receiver hitch.

Meeting All Your Hitch Needs

At Air Safe Hitches, we offer the largest air hitch inventory in the industry. Explore our other air hitch categories to carry any load you need.


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