5th Wheel, Receiver, and Gooseneck Orders.
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AIRSAFE™ Goosenecks Round and Square necks:

7,000 lb pin weight 26,000 GTW

AIRSAFE™ offers the industry’s largest selection of air hitches. Innovation and engineering insures you receive the safest and smoothest ride. “Enjoy the ride, arrive alive.”

With AIRSAFE™ you stop the flow of shock flow between the tow vehicle to the trailer and greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. The patented AIRSAFE™ hitches are engineered so the connection to the trailer is separated from the connection to the tow vehicle by an industrial strength airbag.

AIRSAFE™ GOOSENECK hitches are simply the best air product money can buy. They are engineered with you and your precious cargo in mind. Simply remove your existing gooseneck tube and coupler and replace it with the AIRSAFE™ system. Available in round and square necks.

We feature a 36,000lb rated solid steel coupler machined from solid bar stock insuring the best ball confectioned offered in the industry today. Inside the neck tube is two solid pieces of self lubricating Nyoil Blocks which allow for smooth maintenance free upward and down movement.

Tough, durable and maintenance free our system also features two heavy duty air bags. These airbags are connected together allowing air to move back and forth eliminating the chucking, bucking, and surging caused by a rigid connection. Simply adjust air levels to the clearly marked height. Once you have the air set you do not need to release the air when you disconnect, just unhook from te ball and the next time you connect it will go back to the same level as before. All you need is a portable air pump or any air compressor to adjust the air if needed.

Our exclusive design protects your precious cargo from injury. Veterinarian recommended the AIRSAFE™ gooseneck.