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What are the Advantages of an air hitch 5th Wheel?

You have important cargo to tow. Whether this is something commercial, like towing equipment to a job site, or personal, like towing your recreational vehicle to the campsite for the weekend, you want to get it there safely. It’s more than that, though. You want to get yourself there in one piece too! Too often, towing means pulling, tugging, and jarring for you up in the cabin. By the time you arrive, you’ve burnt a ton of fuel and your backaches. That doesn’t have to happen, though. It simply means you’re using the wrong hitch!

It’s time you look into a better option. The air 5th wheel hitch offers you all the advantages you’re looking for. We offer the industry’s largest selection of 5th wheel hitches. Our innovation and engineering ensure you receive the safest and smoothest ride possible. You can not just get through the drive, but actually enjoy the drive when you’re using an AirSafe product!

With an air hitch, you stop the flow of shock between the tow vehicle and the trailer. This serves to greatly reduce the explosion of energy when these two forces meet. All of this may sound a little scientific and confusing. What does this mean for you exactly? You can expect to enjoy all of the following benefits:

#1 It reduces trailer and cargo fatigue.

#2 It reduces your driver fatigue.

#3 It eliminates most or all surging, bucking, chucking.

#4 It increases tire and transmission life.

#5 It saves gas due to the fact that you are moving forward, not up and down.

#6 It increases the life of the electronics found throughout your truck and trailer.

#7 It increases your overall ride quality.

#8 It improves overall safety, as well the safety for everyone on the road around you.

#9 It even increases your quality of life! 

Reading all of these benefits, one thing becomes very clear. You deserve an AirSafe hitch! The only thing left to do now is deciding which one and then order it online. That’s right, you have several options. The right choice for you will depend on what you need to tow, especially the weight. You’ll also want to think about whether you always tow this cargo with your vehicle or you need to remove the hitch sometimes. Whatever your answers to these questions are, there’s a great option for you!

When you get an air hitch, you can say goodbye to back pain, damaged cargo, and filling your gas tank constantly. You won’t believe you took so long to make the switch to something better!

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