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5th Wheel Options for Arizona Drivers: AirBox, OMNI-20, OMNI-25, and 32k 5th Wheel

Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the country to drive across. From gorgeous cliffs to perfectly preserved Native American preservations to sprawling deserts, there’s always something awe-inspiring to see. That is why many people drive their 5th wheel, campers, or RVs to the area. However pretty the scenery is, the trip itself can be downright jarring for passengers. But with the right hitch, it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable. Air Safe offers a wide range of 5th wheel trailer hitches designed to provide a more pleasant ride when you are towing. The Air Safe 5th Wheel Hitch allows 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than the traditional hitch sold by our competitors does. Model options include:

The design of the OMNI-20 hitch allows you to get all of the benefits of a hitch, no matter what your trailer pin weight is by adjusting the amount of air in your hitch. If you trade trailers or trucks, just add or release air for the new pin weight!

The OMNI-25 allows for a heavier towing capacity than the OMNI-20. Our four airbag hitch is designed to allow the hitch head to move on the air bags in any direction based on articulation from the trailer itself. The result of such continuous motion results in a smooth ride for all.

Air Box
The Air Box works by placing four commercial grade air bags directly below the hitch head. This allows it to become a compact air hitch that virtually absorbs all trailer damage and keeps you from feeling it. The design also allows you to easily remove it when it isn’t needed, then quickly re-attach when towing again.

32k 5th Wheel
This 32K Hitch is a must for “Medium Duty” towers.  Its low height works well with 19”- 22.5” tires and will save you a lot of repairs to your trailer down the road.

Reach out to Air Safe Hitches today and make your next drive through Arizona much more enjoyable. For more information, including specific ordering and prices, click here. You can experience a ride across the desert like no other!

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