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Weight Distribution Hitches vs. Airbags

Whether you’re towing a trailer for a commercial or recreational purpose, you have one thing on your mind: weight distribution. Why is it important to distribute weight in a trailer? Proper weight distribution on both the tow vehicle and the trailer is essential to correctly load and drive a trailer. Improper loading can lead to additional stress on the tow vehicle and/or trailer. This will too often lead to excessive sway or loss of control. In order to be as safe as possible, you want the weight to be as evenly distributed as possible. Does your hitch have an effect on this? Yes!

AirSafe Air Pin Box Hitch

If you want a smoother ride and the ultimate in control, then you need the Air Pin Box. With an AirSafe Pin Box hitch, you will get a 60% smoother ride than with a traditional hitch. As you drive, you will glide across the highways and roads avoiding the constant bouncing, which leads to a decrease in gas mileage and early wear and tear on your tires. Our AirSafe Air Pin Box hitches also reduce stress on your truck and trailer suspension and help eliminate breakages inside the trailer.

Safety is our primary concern. Our Air Ride Hitches only allow 10% of the trailer inertia to transfer compared to 100% when using a hard connection. We have also practically eliminated all sway, and since the weight is evenly distributed between the tow vehicle and the trailer, it increases your braking control. The standard AirSafe Air Pin Box hitch is adjustable to allow you to pull a level trailer, and there is never a need to release air when you disconnect or to re-inflate when you re-connect. Our standard Pin Box hitch can tow up to 19,000 lbs GTW and 4,000 lbs of Pin Weight.

Weight Distribution Hitch

Some hitches are made specifically with height distribution in mind. When installed properly, a weight-distribution hitch (WDH) shifts weight to the front axle, reduces sag caused by the trailer’s tongue weight, and provides stability when encountering crosswinds. A WDH will raise the back of the tow vehicle, reducing some of the sag caused by the trailer’s tongue weight. It uses torsion to shift a percentage of the tongue weight to the front axle of the tow vehicle. This is the key difference between a WDH and an air ride hitch, the fact that it is shifting some of the tongue weight to the front axle. If you want a smoother ride and the ultimate control, then you need the advantage provided by an Air Receiver Hitch!.

Weight distribution is important because it gives you a better ride and driving visibility. As well, it improves steering ability, allows you to brake better, reduces driving fatigue, and allows the driver to be more focused. Proper weight distribution helps you from exceeding tow ratings, which increases the longevity of the tow vehicle. Clearly, weight distribution is something you want at the top of your mind when you are shopping for a new hitch!

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