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Weight Distribution Hitches vs. Airbags

When it comes to towing a trailer, proper weight distribution is key. Too often, improper loading will lead to excessive sway or loss of control.

To ensure that your trailer and tow vehicle are loaded correctly, you must consider a weight distribution hitch and/or an airbag hitch. But what’s the difference between the two? Let’s look closer at airbags and how the weight distribution hitch works.

What Is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch (WDH) is a system that works with your tow vehicle and trailer to distribute a load of your trailer across both axles evenly–this helps reduce stress on your tow vehicle and prevents excess sway during travel.

WDH systems use spring bars attached to either end of the hitch that applies force on the trailer tongue to help level out its load from side to side and front to back.

Weight distribution is important because it gives you a better ride and driving visibility. It also improves steering ability, allows you to brake better, reduces driving fatigue, and allows the driver to be more focused. Proper weight distribution helps you from exceeding tow ratings, which increases the longevity of the tow vehicle.

What Is an Airbag Hitch?

An airbag hitch works with your  weight distribution system that works differently than a WDH system.

Airbag hitches use airbags inside the hitch head inflated or deflated, depending on how much weight needs to be distributed. This allows for a more precise amount of pressure applied to the trailer tongue, which helps reduce sway even further than a WDH system can provide but still allows you to use your WDH.

A weight distribution hitch works in a way that changes where the weight from the load of the trailer is transferred to the towing vehicle. With any standard, non weight distributing hitch, the weight is being transferred right at the hitch. With a weight distribution hitch, the weight is being transferred  and distributed throughout the axles of both the trailer and the towing vehicle.

Our Recommendations

You need the Air Hitch if you want a smoother ride and ultimate control. With an air hitch, you will get a smoother ride than with a traditional hitch.

As you drive, you will glide across the highways and roads, avoiding the constant bouncing, which leads to decreased gas mileage and premature wear and tears on your tires.

An air hitch also reduce stress on your truck and trailer suspension and help eliminate breakages inside the trailer.

Safety is our primary concern. 

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