5th Wheel, Receiver, and Gooseneck Orders.
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The AIR PIN BOX for 5th Wheel

4,000 lbs. Pin Weight 19,000 lbs GTW

The Air Pin Box has 4 air bags tied together for no bounce and no rigid points. Why stop half way with rubber, let air complete the ride. Don’t just dampen it, air it. 

The AIR PIN BOX for 5th Wheel 1
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AirSafe Air Pin Box Hitch For Sale

If you want a smoother ride and the ultimate in control, then you need the AirSafe advantage for your Air Pin Box. With an AirSafe Pin Box hitch, you will get a 60% smoother ride than with a traditional hitch, which can save you a lot of money. Glide across the highways and roads avoiding the constant bouncing, which leads to a decrease in gas mileage and early wear and tear on your tires. Our AirSafe Air Pin Box hitches also reduce stress on your truck and trailer suspension and help eliminate breakages inside the trailer.

It’s All About Safety

With Pin Box hitches from AirSafe, safety is our primary concern. Our Air Ride Hitches only allow 10% of the trailer inertia to transfer compared to 100% when using a hard connection. We have also practically eliminated all sway, and since the weight is evenly distributed between the tow vehicle and the trailer, it increases your braking control.

Completely Hassle-Free

The standard AirSafe Air Pin Box hitch is adjustable to allow you to pull a level trailer, and there is never a need to release air when you disconnect or to re-inflate when you re-connect. Our standard Pin Box hitch can tow up to 19,000 lbs GTW and 4,000 lbs of Pin Weight.

“True Air” Multi-Directional System

Our self-lubricating composite material moves in multiple directions, which causes less wear and tear but still allows you to maintain a level position with the trailer. Our “True Air” Air Ride system absorbs the twisting action normally found in other hitches, extending the life of your suspension.

Safety, savings and a smooth ride? Are there any better reasons than to get an AirSafe Air Pin Box hitch? Well just in case you need another, we make it affordable too. 

The AIR PIN BOX Features:

  • Reduces Shock
  • Increase Ride Control
  • Increase Comfort
  • Improves Control
  • Increase Life of Trailer
  • Fill all four bags from one point
  • Increase or decrease air pressure for pin ratings
  • No Shocks needed
  • Transfer air between 4 bags
  • Unit weight is 110-120 lbs depending on model
  • Must ship by freight, average cost between $90 – $100
  • Pin Weight Capacity is 4,000 lbs
  • GTW is 19,000 lbs or your current pin box capacity, whichever is less
  • Test Data in accordance with SAE J2638
  • 2 Year Warranty
To order the correct Air Pin Box for your trailer, look at the trailer current pin box and you should find an OEM Part #, then match that number to the list below to get the correct Part # 
Part #OEM Part #
43207910Leland 7910
43207920Leland 7920
41201116Lippert 1116
41201621Limpert 1621
41201716Lippert 1716