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Used Hitches for Sale

Used Receiver Class 7 Receiver hitch in very good condition. 

The Class 7 has a 2 ½” shaft, 2,500 lbs tongue weight and 25,000 lbs GTW 

Factory inspected and comes with 1 Yr warranty.


Used Gooseneck (round) for Sale demo unit and in very good condition

and has been cleaned up and inspected by the manufacturer. Comes with full 2 Yr warranty. 


If you are interested, please call 321-939-2132 or email to 

New Products

Underbed Adapter for Ford, Chevorlet/GMC, and Dodge Ram Underbed System

Air Safe Underbed Adapter:

This adapter will work with the Ford, Cheverlot/GMC, and Dodge Ram Factory Installed systems and after market installed Reese Underbed systems. This adapter connects to your Reese Signature Series Underbed system. Our hitch will then mount on the adapter. The Adapter comes with the hardware to connect to the Underbed System. The adapter is only 1 1/2″ high and will handle up to 25K GTW vs the Reese adapter which is 3 1/2″ high and only handle 20K GTW. Our exclusive adapter is 2″ lower than the Reese adapter.

Receiver Class 8 Tote Connection

Connects to Sport Chassis hitch and the Class 8 can use Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution brackets, 3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW,  3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW

5th Wheel Lube Plate

Designed for our 5th Wheel Hitches. Thickness: 1/8″ and Diameter: 12″

Receiver Adjustable Ball Mount Bracket

Adjustable ball mount bracket. Just pull the pins and side up or down for height adjustment.