5th Wheel, Receiver, and Gooseneck Orders.
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Limited sale on selected Receiver Air Hitches

The company has a select number of Receiver Hitches that have either minor paint mistakes or scratches that we cannot fix or were returned hitches that got damaged during shipping.

These are Hitches are listed at 20% off:

Class 5 with 2” shaft New Price $1,250 less 20% = $1,000

Class 6 with 2” shaft New Price $1,695 less 20% = $1,356

The company has a select number of Class 4 Hitches that are on an “inventory blowout” special:

Class 4 with 2” shaft New Price $950 now $750

All the above hitches will have the standard 30-day moneyback guarantee minus shipping, but the warranty will only be for one year instead of two.

If you are interested, please reply to this email, or call 407-973-2980

New Products

Specials & Used 1

Receiver Class 8 Tote Connection

Connects to Sport Chassis hitch and the Class 8 can use Ball Mount, Pintle, Weight Distribution brackets, 3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW,  3,000 lbs Tg Weight – 30,000 lbs GTW

Specials & Used 3

5th Wheel Lube Plate

Designed for our 5th Wheel Hitches. Thickness: 1/8″ and Diameter: 12″

Specials & Used 5

Receiver Adjustable Ball Mount Bracket

Adjustable ball mount bracket. Just pull the pins and side up or down for height adjustment.