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Receiver Accessories

Air Safe Hitches will provide you with the most reliable and useful accessories for your receiver hitch. Based on your towing needs, we have the right product for the right task, always focusing on providing maximum protection and the smoothest ride.

Weight Distribution

Ball Mount

Pintel Hook

Ball Mount Bracket Class 4-5-6

6” Drop Ball Mount Bracket Class 5-6

Ball Mount Bracket Class 7-8

Weight Distribution Bracket (12”)

Ball 30K Capacity

Universal Trailer Lock

Receiver Pin Lock

Adjustable Ball Mount Bracket Assembly

Adjustable Ball Mout Bracket with Hitch

Weight Dist Brackets

When Weight Distribution Bracket is used on any Air Safe receiver hitch you must reduce tongue weight capacity by 25%, for example:

  • Class 4 – 1,000 tongue weight reduces to 750 lbs
  • Class 5 – 1,400 tongue weight reduces to 1,050 lbs
  • Class 6 – 2,000 lbs to 1,500 lbs
  • Class 8 – 3,000 lbs to 2,250 lbs