Extended Price Reduction on Omni-Directional 20K and 25K 5th Wheels!

You have a very serious towing need. Whether it’s for business, like towing an animal trailer, or for pleasure, like taking the boat down to the lake for the weekend, you don’t have an unlimited budget. We know that! That’s why we’re offering the same amazing towing capabilities our products are known for, at an even more affordable price. We just announced an exciting price reduction on both Omni-Directional 20K and 25K 5th wheels. If you have been considering ordering a new hitch, now is the time to do so!

The 20K 5th Wheel

This is not your ordinary hitch! Our four air bag hitch is designed to allow the hitch head to move on the air bags in any direction, based on articulation from the trailer itself. The result of such continuous motion results in a smooth ride and decreased chucking and surging forces from the trailer or the truck. In addition to the movement from the trailer, the 4four airbag hitch supports 100% of the pin weight. This increases the effectiveness of the air springs.

Main Specifications:

  • 4,500 lbs Pin Weight (5 to 20,000) GTW
  • 14” to 20” Height Adjustment
  • Omni Directional Control
  • Visual Latch Inductor
  • Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin 

OMNI-25: Omni-Directional 25K 5th Wheel Hitch

Some people mistakenly say the hitch is too much for a smaller trailer. The design of the 25K Omni-Directional hitch allows you to get all of the benefits no matter what your trailer pin weight is, by just adjusting the amount of air in the hitch to meet your trailer’s pin weight. If you trade trailers or trucks just add or release air for the new pin weight, there is no need to buy a new hitch! We offer an exclusive AirSafe adapter for the Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge Ram and underbed systems. The 25K hitch is also now available with a built-in underbed adapter for the Ford and GMC trucks.

Main Specifications:

  • 5,500 lbs. Pin Weight – (5 to 25,000) GTW
  • 14” to 18” Height Adjustment
  • Omni Directional Control
  • Visual Latch Inductor
  • Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin
  • Completely encircles the King Pin

These two hitch options have a few things in common. Because of their design, they will increase ride quality, the life of your transmission, the life of your tires, and the life of your electronics in your truck. That’s not all! Because they’re no pulling and tugging, you’ll save gas and won’t feel nearly as much fatigue as your drive. 

Our year end sale has been extended, but you don’t have forever to shop at these prices. Don’t miss this opportunity to order the hitch you need, at a price you want. Because you’re ordering online, it’s also incredibly convenient. This is the best possible way to buy a new trailer hitch!

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