The AirBox “Next Generation” 5th Wheel Hitch

Many drivers need to tow behind their truck. If it is recreational, this towing may involve a camper or a boat trailer. You may even tow commercially for your job, like bringing heavy lawn care equipment from jobsite to jobsite. Whatever the reason, you need to think about your hitch. You see, this small part is much more important than you may realize.

Your hitch two two things. It makes it possible to tow your needed items, so it must be strong. It also must keep you comfortable up in the cabin. That’s right; your hitch is what makes your ride either smooth and comfortable or jarring. Do you feel like your trailer is pulling your entire back? Does your back hurt from pulling and bumping the entire ride? If so, it’s time to learn all you can about a much better option. A hitch made with air!

Not just any hitch will do. You want the best of the best. You want a hitch specifically designed to keep your ride smooth and your precious cargo intact. The Airbox “Next Generation” is the most versatile and compact Air Hitch system ever designed. You would be forgiven for thinking this must be very expensive, but it is not. It’s economically priced and engineered to be AirSafe tough!

How is this hitch different? We’re glad you asked! By placing four commercial grade air bags directly below the hitch head, it allows it to become a compact air hitch that virtually absorbs all trailer damage to Airbox forces. All four air bags are joined together giving an unbelievably fluent air motion. This is great for your back and neck. It’s also better for your truck! By doing away with the pulling and tugging, it’s also avoiding the need to get your truck’s brakes and transmission fixed. It even saves on gas!

We know you don’t always tow. Sometimes you need to remove the trailer or camper and drive around with the pickup truck only. This hitch’s tough but lightweight design allows you to quickly and easily remove it when not needed and quickly re-attach when needed. This makes the AirBox “Next Generation” 5th Wheel Hitch for those using the hitch to pull a camper and go on vacation. You can bring your camper to the campsite, drop it off, unattach it, and then head into town to get food, go shopping, or visit a tourist attraction. It couldn’t be any easier!

If you have ever been wondering if an Air Hitch system is for you, here is your answer. You and your passenger deserve the very best. Whether you have a long box, short box and need a regular rail base, or underbed system, the Airbox “Next Generation” is your ticket to a first-class air ride at the price of coach!


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