Omni-Directional 5th Wheel Hitches

Omni-Directional 1
This is how your hitch should set when you are accelerating.
Omni-Directional 3
This is how your hitch should set when you are Braking.
Omni-Directional 5
Omni-Directional 7

Air Safe™ Hitch with its patented Omni (multi) directional movement, delivers true 8-way movement. All others simply go up and down. The Nyloil slide bars are machined in an oval to accept the slider bar allowing for 8-way movement. The Slide bars are allowed free movement to adjust to surge, stopping, twisting, and trailer sway. The military tough Nyloil bars can withstand a total surface crush of over 65 tons.

The Only “Air Ride” 5th Wheel Hitch With “TRUE AIR” “8 Way” Air Controlled Action.

We Control Front to Back – Side to Side – Corner to Corner – Up and Down.

Omni-Directional 9

Compare Our Products With The Competitors

Our 5th Wheel Hitches Offer “TRUE AIR” “8 Way” (Omni Directional Control) and “4 Way” (32K) Air Ride Action, the  competitors do not have this capability.  Why not buy the best value for your money ??  Also check the height of their 5th wheel hitches (ask about minimum height), most new trucks have increased their ride height up to 4” over the past three years.  Our 5th wheels go from a minimum of 10” to a maximum of 20”.  Is ride height critical??  Definitely, a level trailer always pulls better.Note how the self-lubricating composite material can move in many different directions and still maintain a level position with the side rails.  We do not know of any other air systems that can do this.  All composite 5th wheels are machined and designed with multi direction sockets.  In over two years of commercial towing, less than .005 wear factor (approx. 200,000 miles).The competition can only move up and down, they can achieve 4 or 6 way action with the use of a mechanical left-right (Swivel) anvil but their air control in only up-down. If it swivels side to side, it is mechanical, not “True Air”, and transfers velocity, uncontrolled by air springs. If you look closely at all the designs available you will notice that they all only offer “up – down” air control.  That is one reason why we have the only “True Air” 8 Way Action (Actually more than 8 ways, but who’s counting). It would probably be best described as “Omni Directional”.  We really can offer the “Smoothest, Safest” ride because of our “True Air” technology.)Also note the four bolts in the top of the tracks, if you should ever have a problem (and you shouldn’t) just remove the bolts and have access for repair or cleaning.”These Hitches are a must for “One Ton Dually” and works on all 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks as well.  Its “TRUE AIR” “eight way action” really smoothes out the ride and will save a lot of repairs to your trailer down the road.  These repairs will cost much more than the hitch will.”Note the different positions and how the “True Air” Air Ride System allows your hitch to move in many different directions. It does this hundreds of times while you are traveling down the road.  The braking and accelerating pictures show why this hitch will stop the “chucking” or “push pull” action you might be experiencing.  The cornering picture shows how the “True Air”  Keeps the trailer from tweaking your suspension by absorbing the twisting action you would normally get from all other hitches (also note how the “composites” can move without being level).  Only the “True Air” Air Safe System can do all of these things for you at a very economical cost.