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The OMNI-20K 5th Wheel Hitch (Valley Style Head)

Upgrade your towing experience with the OMNI-20K 5th Wheel Hitch! Engineered to perfection, it features a cutting-edge 4 airbag system that guarantees a continuous, smooth ride while significantly reducing chucking and surging forces from your 5th-wheel trailer or truck. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to seamless travels. Keep reading and discover how the OMNI-20K can revolutionize your towing game.

The air hitch prices include free shipping in the continental US. All other locations would have to get custom shipping/freight quotes and adjust to charge the difference.

Omni-20 1

Main Specifications:

  • 4,500 lbs Pin Weight (5 to 20,000) GTW
  • 14” to 20” Height Adjustment
  • Omni Directional Control
  • Visual Latch Inductor
  • Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin

Some people say the hitch is overkill for a smaller trailer. The design of the Omni-Directional hitch allows you to get all of the benefits no matter what your Trailer Pin Weight is by just adjusting the amount of air in the hitch to meet your trailer Pin Weight. If you trade trailers or trucks, add or release air for the new Pin Weight.

4 Airbags Hitch System

The four airbag hitch is designed to allow the hitch head to move on the airbags in any direction, based on articulation from the trailer itself. The result of such continuous motion results in a smooth ride and decreased chucking and surging forces from the truck or trailer. In addition to the movement from the trailer, the 4 airbag hitch supports 100% of the pin weight, increasing the effectiveness of the air springs.

NEW: We offer an exclusive AirSafe adapter for the Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge Ram and Underbed systems.

New: The new 20K version has a built-in Adapter for the Ford underbed system.

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Omni-20 5
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20K Omni-Directional Hitch Features:

  • Increases Ride Quality
  • Increases Life of Transmission
  • Saves Gas
  • Increases Tire Life
  • Increases Life of Trailer
  • Increases Life of Electronics
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue
  • Four Specially Designed Air Springs Located Under the Head
  • Quickly attaches to Standard Rails
  • All Four Air Bags Air Joined Together giving an unbelievably Fluent Air Motion
  • No Bearings to Crush or Wear-Out, Instead We Use the Military Tough Nyloil, a Self-Lubricating Nylon. So Tough you can Actually Machine it
  • Powder Coated for a Tough, Durable Finish Giving Longer Life and Increased Visual Appeal
  • Engineered Using Solid Works, The World’s Most Recognized Engineering Software
  • Assembled With Class 8 Nuts and Bolts
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Convenient Air Stem Location for Easy Air Access

Ultimate Hitch Engineering

The Air Safe (AirSafe) Omni-20K 5th Wheel Hitch is designed to prevent the extreme force that takes place between the trailer and the hitch when you put the brakes on. These uniquely designed hitches were created with world-recognized Solid Works engineering software, meeting all industry standards. The connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle is separated by airbags constructed of industrial-strength material.

Protect Your Assets

The Omni-20K hitch is a 5th-wheel trailer hitch designed for heavy-duty towing jobs. The maintenance-free Omni-Directional system features four airbags located in the towers of the hitch. After you have connected your trailer to the Air Safe Omni-20K hitch, simply inflate the airbags to the recommended ride height. If you lose pressure in the airbags for any reason, the Air-Ride hitch will become a hard connection and will not result in the loss of the trailer from the tow vehicle.

The Air Safe hitches provide a unique experience to the driver of a tow vehicle by decreasing exhaustion at the end of the trip and making large tow jobs more enjoyable. Because there is less friction between the air hitch and the trailer, the tow vehicle is able to operate at a lower strain rate, thus easing wear and tear on the transmission and the suspension.

20K 5th wheel hitch for towing

Omni-Directional Protection

The Air Safe Omni-20K hitch is equipped with four heavy-duty springs in the device’s corners. These springs reduce the shock transfer from the trailer to the tow vehicle by 90 percent. The Omni-Directional system permits smooth motion from front to back, side to side, and corner to corner to achieve maximum shock absorption and the greatest possible amount of control for the driver. Two more industrial-strength shocks on the side of each tower discourage oscillation.

Want To Learn More

You can watch our online videos to see how the energy is transferred from the front to the back of the air hitch in a smooth and even motion during acceleration and braking. Bumps, curves, hills, and potholes are not hindrances to control with the Air Safe Omni-20K 5th Wheel Hitch.

Call now to order the hitch that helps you both enjoy your ride and arrive at your destination alive in a calm frame of mind. Our customer service and sales representatives will be happy to assist you with your purchase. Your journey awaits!

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