Long Beach, NY 5th Wheel Hitches


Long Beach, NY is a beautiful area, but it’s difficult to enjoy if your drive isn’t smooth. Whether you’re towing a commercial trailer to a jobsite here in town or bringing a small camper out of the area altogether, you need the right hitch to make it a peaceful trip. Too many drivers don’t even realize that there is a better option. So, how do you go about getting a better ride? Often, the solution is a 5th wheel hitch.

You don’t want just any 5th wheel hitch, though. In order to get the best towing capability and the smoothest cabin ride possible, you need a high-quality hitch. That’s possible from AirSafe Hitches! We have several different types of 5th wheel hitches available, which can be chosen to meet your exact needs. These include OMNI-20, OMNI- 25, AIRBOX, Air Pin Box, and the 32k 5th Wheel. Which one do you need? It depends on several factors, like the size of your truck and how much weight you need to pull. Through our website, you can also order any needed accessories to go along with your 5th wheel, like a lock set or custom brackets. We are one-stop shot for your towing needs!

Don’t suffer through a jarring ride with lots of tugging ever again. No matter which kind of 5th wheel hitch you need, Air Safe Hitches makes it simple and affordable to order a hitch online. You can even call us toll free at (866) 448-2475 to speak with a friendly representative if you aren’t sure which hitch is right for you. Your next trip will feel like you’re not pulling anything at all!

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