Learn About 5th Wheel Hitch Options

If you have a 5th wheel capable vehicle and a 5th wheel trailer, camper, or RV you want to pull along behind it, you need to learn more about your hitch options. All hitches are not the same! Which one is the right one for your towing needs? Keep reading to find out:

AIRBOX. The AIRBOX “Next Generation” is the most versatile and compact Air Hitch system ever designed. It works by placing four commercial grade air bags directly below the hitch head, allowing it to become a compact air hitch that virtually absorbs all trailer damage to AIRBOX forces. It’s economically priced and engineered with AIR SAFE (AirSafe™) tough. Whether you have a long box, short box and need a regular rail base, or underbed system, the AIRBOX “Next Generation” can work for you!

OMNI-20. This four airbag hitch is designed to allow the hitch head to move on the airbags in any direction, based on articulation from the trailer itself. It is perfect for smaller vehicles. The design of this omni-directional hitch allows you to get all of the benefits no matter what your trailer pin weight is, by simply adjusting the amount of air in the hitch to meet your trailer pin weight.

OMNI-25. This hitch is very similar to the OMNI-20, with added weight capability. This has a 5,500 lbs. pin weight, a thousand pounds more than the other.

32K. This 32K hitch is a must for “Medium Duty” towing. Its low profile works well with 19”- 22.5” tires and will save you a lot of repairs to your trailer down the road. These repairs will cost much more than what the hitch will, which makes it a wise investment for those who need to tow up to 7,000 pounds.

Air Pin Box. If you want a smoother ride and the ultimate in control, then you need the AirSafe advantage for your Air Pin Box. The Air Pin Box has four airbags tied together for no bounce and no rigid points. It only allows 10% of the trailer inertia to transfer, compared to 100% when using a hard connection. It has also practically eliminated all sway, and since the weight is evenly distributed between the tow vehicle and the trailer, it increases your braking control.

For a fluid ride and the perfect control, consider the 5th wheel trailer hitches from Air Safe Hitches. All our 5th wheel hitch models use air ride technology. These are designed to provide a pleasant ride when you are towing, therefore preventing both your tires from wearing thin and your nerves from wearing out. How is this less-jarring ride possible? The Air Safe 5th Wheel Hitch allows 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than a traditional hitch does. The friction reduction allows you to get more efficient gas mileage and decreases the amount of strain on the suspension systems of your truck and your trailer. A smoother ride also eliminates the possibility of damage to the objects inside your trailer. These hitches are the best in the industry. Reach out today to ask anymore questions or go ahead and order your 5th wheel trailer hitch online.