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Each towing situation is different. Your trailer towing needs may be complex, but that doesn’t mean the solution is. Many drivers who need to tow would benefit from using a ball hitch. Let’s dig deeper into what a ball hitch is, why they’re so beneficial to your towing experience, and where to get a ball hitch from.

What is a Ball Hitch?

A ball hitch is another name for a ball mount. This describes a receiver hitch accessory that provides a connection for hooking up a trailer. It’s pretty simple to see why it’s called a ball hitch. One glance makes it obvious; there is a ball to connect to your trailer! The ball allows the trailer to pivot, providing smooth turning while towing. 

A ball hitch refers more specifically to a ball mount with a trailer ball already attached. There are four standard trailer ball sizes: 1-7/8″, 2″, 2-5/16″ and 3″. These measurements refer to the diameter of the trailer ball.

The Benefits of Using a Ball Hitch

Ball hitches are popular, and it’s easy to see why. With a ball hitch, the trailer’s coupler sits over a trailer ball protruding from your vehicle’s rear bumper receiver tube via a ball mount. This connection allows little space between the hitch and coupler, which can improve your towing experience by smoothing the ride out. This works because the trailer coupler is typically a tighter fit with little movement between the ball and coupler. This creates a smoother towing experience.

That’s not all. Ball hitches allow a greater range of movement than many other types of hitches.  For this reason, you often see these ball hitches for boat trailers and smaller trailers used for recreational purposes. When you’re taking the boat to the lake for a day on the water, you want to get there comfortably and safely, and a ball hitch makes that possible.

Order From Air Safe Hitches

When it comes to towing, it’s essential that you know how to evaluate and select each component of your hitch system. This is the only way to ensure your towing experience is both safe and efficient. For many who are towing a trailer, the right solution is a ball hitch. 

Before you purchase any hitch, be sure that it fits your hitch receiver. After you know the weight capacities of your vehicle’s trailer hitch, you can pick a ball hitch. The ball hitch you need should come from Air Safe Hitches! Once you order from us, you can know for sure you have a high-quality product on its way to you. Installation is simple, and then you’ll have the right setup to tow with ease. The only thing left to buy is buy your hitch!