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Benefits of an AirSafe Hitch vs Standard Rigid Hitch

Before you invest money into your towing needs, you need to think about the all of the benefits . Many times, you look at the price of our 5th Wheel, Receiver or Gooseneck Air Hitches and think that is expensive compared to a standard mechanical hitch. As you read about the different products and benefit sometime it helps to see a visual picture of the ride difference.

Before you invest money into your towing needs, you need to think about the all of the potential costs. Many times, you look at the listed price of our 5th Wheel Air Hitches at $1,995 – $2,995 and think that is expensive compared to a standard mechanical hitch. Below is a list if some issues for you to consider, what the impact of those issues could be, and the estimated average cost.

These are estimates from a compilation of our database of over 10 years as well as our experiences towing discussing the negative problems in towing that are widely experienced and known throughout the industry , up to now largely ignored or procrastinated. Read different forums on these issues and see what other customers say.

Read these issues and use the column on the right to check those that you feel may apply to your towing situation. Then add up the cost those cost or estimate your own cost and compare that to our cost at the bottom of this article.

IssueImpactAvg Cost
5th Wheel Hitch Cost $300 – $1,500
Rigid Hitch $525 -$2,995
Loose connection around king pin on
rigid hitch
Slop around King Pin of up to 1/8” will cause forward and back
clunking and rough ride
Adding Air Springs
to Truck
Will help the ride
for up and down Will not help trailer ride Will not improve the rigid hitch
connection and the transference from the truck to trailer.
Wear & tear depreciation on tow
vehicle due to rough ride while towing
Tow vehicle + repairs cost when
towing an average of 22,000 per year. Time to run around & fix at dealer,
rental etc.
Repair trailer damage contents,
slide outs, cabinets, dishes etc.
Welds broke on the frame, slide
outs, hitch. Broken cabinets, dishes, shower doors, and other contents Time
to run around to dealers and fix problems
Excess tire wear and
problems on truck/trailer
Tires with rigid
hitch are forced to absorb all omni directional forces causing excessive
Tire blows on
trailer due to trailer sway, bouncing, and other conditions
Shreds trailer sheet
metal repair bill and changing a tire on the side of the road.
Truck and/or trailer
bounces because of road conditions
You lose traction
and control Safety becomes a major issue and peace of mind that you get with
a smoother ride
Fuel used when you are continually bouncing
due to road conditions
Best estimate 1 to 2 miles per gallon not to
mention drive train wear & tear resistance increasing proportionately
ComfortTired of the
bouncing and jerking?
Are you all tensioned up when you arrive at your destination?
Have you had a narrow escape and almost lost your trailer?
Peace of
If any of
the items above occur, you could be stranded for hours or day waiting for repairs
or parts.
MedicalBack and
neck problems due to bouncing and jerking.Driver fatigue and sore hands from gripping
steering wheel