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Air Ride Hitch System

Air Ride Hitch System

When you need to tow, you have a lot of important decisions to make. After all, the right hitch will make your journey much easier on you, your passengers, your vehicle, and your cargo. The wrong hitch would leave you with a sore back, lower gas mileage, and shaken-up cargo. 

Where do you even search to buy the best hitch? Do you need a Gooseneck or a 5th Wheel? Should you shop based on your trailer hitch class? We want to make it as easy for you as possible by telling you to look into the Air Ride Hitch System!

Learn all About the Air Ride Hitch System

You know you need to tow something heavy. You know you need the right hitch to do so. If that’s all you know, it’s okay. We’re here to help you figure the rest out! The Air Ride Hitch System is the best option for you. We can say this for several reasons:

#1 They’re safer. With Air Ride Hitches, only 10% of the trailer inertia transfers compared to 100% using a hard connection hitch. This gives you ultimate control, no matter what type of trailer you are using. It wouldn’t matter what you encounter on the roads! Bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, hills, and other drivers can be a hazard. Your new Air Ride Hitch System will keep you under control when confronted with these conditions.

#2 They’re more comfortable. Old-fashioned hitches meant a lot of tugging and jarring on the people inside the vehicle. This is a thing of the past! Your trip will be much better. Not only will your cargo arrive undamaged, but you’ll get there without a sore back!

#3 They offer better weight distribution. Any time you are towing, you must keep weight distribution in mind. Weight distribution is important because it gives you a better ride and driving visibility. As well, it improves steering ability, it allows you to brake better, it reduces driving fatigue, and allows you to be more focused on the road. Proper weight distribution helps you from exceeding tow ratings, which increases the longevity of the tow vehicle.

#4 They save you money. This is one of those times in life you need to spend money to save money! The 90% smoother ride allows you to glide instead of bounce increasing gas mileage and tire wear. The Air Ride Hitch System increases the life of your vehicle and trailer, and helps each one to hold its value as long as possible.

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