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5th Wheel Testimonials

Just wanted to drop you a line and say I love the hitch.  My first 5th wheel and I was worried about getting beat up in the truck as every truck I have been in towing a 5th wheel has been pretty rough.  Towing a 44 foot 20,000lb or more Voltage 3818 Toyhauler with a 2015 Ford F350 Dually.  Trailer also has an air bag pin.  Pulled it 8 hours from Ohio to Virginia through very hilly and bumpy roads and steep grades on I-68 and the trailer drove great.  I could see the trailer moving all around on the hitch but the truck stayed steady, no weaving and no bumping.  Forgot and left an open plastic water bottle on the bathroom vanity and when I got home it was still sitting on the bathroom counter, never moved  That was towing at 75mph average on very curvy and hilly roads so pretty impressive.

Brian L. Cates

“Two years ago I bought a 25K airsafe fifth-wheel hitch with the locking pin package.  I did not want to lose the considerable investment just sitting there on the exposed bed when unhitched.  This winter my truck was stolen from a Phoenix theater parking lot while my wife and I were watching an afternoon matinee.  It was used to run drugs across the Mexican border.  It was recovered by the police three days later with extensive damage.  Everything had been tossed out of the truck in order to make room for more drugs.  Everything, that is, but the hitch.  They could not easily remove it because of the locks in place, so they left it in the bed.  The insurance company would only have been able to reimburse me $500 for the hitch, which would not have come close to the cost of a new one.  I was so grateful that I had made the investment in the locking package in the beginning.  It more than paid for itself.”

Mike Diehl

“I wanted to also tell you that when we picked up our new 5th wheel, the entire service and sales debt came out to look at the hitch. They could not believe what a well made product we bought. My husband showed me the hitch they tried to sell us, and I compared the two; it kinda scared me to look at the quality (or lack of), and just overall durability between the two; there really was no comparison!

Thanks again.”

Betti Sadler


“Thanks again for your help.  Its nice to talk to someone who cares.  I have told so many people about this hitch and how great it is I hope I have generated sales.  While we were on the road it was unbelievable how many other people came to look and talk about this hitch. I could honestly tell them it was the best buy I had made since we started doing full time.”

Mike Jones

“We bought one of your hitches about a year ago, and couldn’t be happier. You never know that there is anything attached to your truck. We haul a 33′ fifth wheel RV and we also use it to haul 12, 1200 lb. round hay bales on another fifth wheel. Excellent. I would definitely recommend an air ride to anyone I talk to.”
Heather Stenabaugh
“Hello everyone.  We stopped by in early Dec. at  your shop and picked up our hitch.  We have had nothing but a smooth ride  since.  After we got our hitch and got going we put on over five thousand  miles.  You can’t believe how many guys were out with their pencil and paper  taking down the info off the hitch. Last year on our way to Texas we went via New Orleans and then across interstate 10 and I said I  would never go over that road again, and that is coming from a resident of Pa.  which has the worse roads in the nation. So I said to my wife, “we may as well  test our new hitch and go across interstate 10 in Louisiana.”  If I didn’t know  better I would have believed they paved it all since last year. Smooth ride,  good job,and great service.”
John B Firmstone
“2004 Ford F350 Diesel towing a Carriage Cameo 5th Wheel”
Gerard Yankowski
“Customer with our 32K hitch on a custom Volvo conversion. Truck has been converted to a single rear axle and custom truck bed. (Click the picture on the right to enlarge) “
Alvin Bruss
“I did trailer the RV for the first time on May 26, but that was not much of a test for the hitch.  The real test came last week on a trip to Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, including many tight mountain roads, as high as 6000 feet in elevation.  The air ride hide worked quite well.  Interestingly the best view of the hitch and trailer I had was while driving at night I could easily see the differential movement of the truck and trailer.  I’ve had the truck, and the complete rig weighed.  Truck empty was about 7,000 pounds, rig weight was 21,500, with the truck at 11,500 (tools and generator in bed plus about 3,000 pounds on the hitch).  The rig handled great.  With such a large rig (dually truck and 37′ trailer) it gets noticed by folks, and I always tell them to check out the hitch.”
Dwayne Mahony
“Just made our first trip with our new advanced air fifth wheel hitch and couldn’t be happier with it.  Our last trip with the old standard Reese setup was 460 miles in one day over mostly 2 lane country roads. We got home feeling like we had been mugged.  The old bones got shaken and jarred for the last time.  Your hitch eliminated,  as you advertised, about 90% of the back and forth bucking and jarring making for a far more pleasurable and softer ride for passengers and trailer.”
Don and Mary Ann Baiar
“The hitch installation on my class 8 truck is going smooth. I recessed the mount plate into the frame as shown. Final ride height in the lowest (14″) position will be 43.5”. This puts my pin height (47″) exactly in the middle of the 7″ adjustment available. I’m pleased with the construction of the hitch, and looking forward to getting it under a trailer. “
Ron Knight
“Pulling bus#19 all over the UNITED STATES,with your air ride system……its a  SMOOTH RIDE…..thanks…..STEVEN SLATTON….TRANSPORTATION SPECIALIST “
Cris Criswell
“My wife and I just returned for a 3000 mile vacation with the new hitch.  We could not believe the difference in the ride. Thanks for a very nice hitch.  We love it.  I would by it again in a heart-beat just the way you built it with no modifications.”
Jim Cole
“I installed your 25K 5th wheel hitch and tested it today.  In August I purchased A Trailer Saver TS3 hitch and installed it on a brand new 1 Ton Dodge Dually and departed for a 6,000-mile trip. The thing almost destroyed my Teton 5th wheel. It was ok until I got on the worn-out concrete I  80 in California. It was so rough our stomach was sore from the front to back jolting. Today I traveled the same stretch of highway with the same Dodge and Teton but your hitch. I couldn’t believe the difference. Almost no bouncing and a super ride. All I can say is your product is superb. If I can provide a recommendation to anyone have them an email or call me.  The unit was well packaged in wood cases and arrived unscratched. No problems with install. “
Bill Davis

“I want to thank you for your help getting my hitch setup….. It works as advertised.  My wife no longer gets car sick from the bucking of the pickup. I have recommended the hitch to a lot of people especially to those who know of my wife’s problem.”

Jon Tecklenburg

“Good Morning.  Well I pulled my trailer for the first time Monday on the Air hitch I got from you.  All I can say is an emphatic WOW!  What a difference.  MUCH softer ride not unlike my Trailblazer.  If you have any future customers “wondering”, I am more than happy to help you out.  Thank you.”

Paul K. Reynolds

“Have taken our first trip with the new hitch, 4 hrs drive, very impressed, will definitely be the subject of conversation at happy hour. Hope i can send more business your way. Thanks”Terry Greentree
“Here are some pic,s of my rig. 2003 super duty,2007 35 ft. montana Love the air ride. Notice the sticker in the window? “
Tim Midkiff
“Lloyd, after having my advanced air rider hitch for about a year and a half just wanted to let you know we are very happy with it. We just got back from a 1000mile trip towing our 37 ft KZ New Vision Toy Hauler, and had no problems at all with the hitch. In fact it was interesting watching the trailer move up and down and us not feeling it in the truck.”
Steve & Cathy Smith
This is Scotty in Canada.  I am going to be presenting the 25K advanced air ride hitch to Trailer Life for a press release and I am putting together an article for the new magazine from Primedia called Diesel Power. The air bags have held air all the time, even in -45F weather and it functioned flawlessly.  I know some air bag products on the market cannot boast this benefit in the cold COLD Climate I am in.”
Scotty Air Systems
“I purchased my hitch earlier in 2004 but have just recently used it for the first time.My wife and I traveled from Raleigh, NC to Tarpon Springs, Florida for Christmas week. I could not find a Teflon disc that was thin enough to work with the hitch so I sanded one down to 1/8″. The disc connected and worked fine. The hitch performed fine on smooth roads, in fact we did not feel 5th wheel unit at all, it was like it was not there on interstate roads at 68 mph. On rough concrete roads it dampened the expansion joint roughness by about 50%. On roads that were rough due to truck traffic it dampened the roughness about 80%.All in all we were very pleased with the hitch, we just wish states would grind their concrete roads when they get rough. It is a simple cost effective option to improving their roads.I did have to perform a emergency stop once, and I was concerned on how the hitch would perform, but it did great.”
Ed Curry
“We want you to know we are extremely satisfied with our air ride hitch. We traveled to tn. From ca. In the month of may and i had to keep reminding myself that my 40 ft 5th. Wheel was behind me.  The air ride hitch was the best investment i made besides buying my alfa 5th. Wheel.”
Charles Morse
“Here are the pictures of the automatic adjuster that I set up on my 32k hitch.  The two pieces that are circled in red are the only parts that I had to fabricate. The main reason for putting this system together was to eliminate having to crawl into the bed to adjust the air pressure.  With the system in operation, the height of the hitch will always remain the same no matter how much weight is on the hitch.  The advantage of this is that I can move cargo around in the trailer and not have to worry about readjusting the air pressure, because the ride height of the hitch will not change. Another nice thing is that I am able to put an air pressure gauge on the system and can judge how much weight I have on the hitch just by the air pressure in the bags.”
Mark Yamamoto
“The Freightliner FL60 and 5th wheel always get a lot of attention and I proudly show off the Advanced Air Hitch and explain to everyone all the research I put into the various hitch industry offerings and why your hitch is so superior.  I can’t tell you how glad I am that I bought this hitch.  I expected it to tow better, but I didn’t expect how smoothly it makes both the Freightliner and the National Palisades 36’ fifth wheel tow.  The three-axle Palisades tops out at just less than 18,000 lbs. and I hardly know its back there.  Before mounting your hitch, the truck and trailer were battling each other, especially on roads under construction and those notorious concrete seams that used to rattle the whole rig.The hitch design is vastly superior with regards to road elevation changes, angled driveway entries and exits and all manner of road surface anomalies.  I have a camera on the truck that looks directly at the hitch.  It’s amazing to see the truck move sharply on a construction road surface elevation shift and see the trailer float across the same surface without the jarring change in elevation that the truck just took.  The 6-way articulation (front-to-back/side-to-side/up-and-down) is so smooth and damps the road surface changes so well that the truck and trailer seem to be connected by a cloud.  In essence, I guess they are.  The truck ride is also much smoother than I had thought it would be.We expect to use our Freightliner and 5th wheel for many years and I feel safer and more at ease knowing that the Air-Ride Hitch is protecting our $160,000 investment.  To me, it’s not an expensive hitch, but rather it is cheap insurance against trailer frame and contents damage.”
Thomas L. Norman
“Don’t have the Trailersaver Air Hitch, but have the 8-way independent action fifth-wheel hitch by Advanced Air Hitch, Inc. in North Augusta, SC. They shipped the hitch to my  local Chevy dealer, and the dealer installed  it.We just  returned from a 6,500 mile trip that included Canyonland, the  Rockies, Vancouver, the Badlands, and a lot of highway driving — and during the  entire trip, we found the Air Ride  hitch to be well worth the few extra bucks it cost us. When going down “bumpy” and undulating roads (including those concrete highways with seams spaced “just right” to make the  bumps very obvious), in the rear-view mirror, you could see the trailer constantly going “up and down” on the air hitch,  but not affecting the truck and its  ride.And because the hitch’s airbags and shocks allow it to pivot in all directions, I  have yet to find a camp site that  presented any difficulty in hooking up or unhitching — regardless of how  unleveled the ground was. And the locking  mechanism is positive and easy to tell that the kingpin is in  place.”
Dan  Hunter
“Once we readjusted the height of the hitch everything seemed to do very well.  We could see in the mirror how well the trailer rode over the rough roads. The truck did not jerk us like it did on our way out to SC it was a much smoother ride on the way back. We are delighted with the hitch.”
Don and Ardith Porter