Air Box for 5th Wheel for Sale in Michigan

The gorgeous landscape and easy accessibility into both Canada and down south makes Michigan a great place to take a long road trip in. It is for this reason that so many Michigan drivers choose to pack up an RV or put a trailer behind their regular vehicle and get on the road for a little vacation. Does this describe you? If you’ve ever driven on the long, winding highway out of Michigan, you know just how bumpy the trip can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way with the right trailer hitch, though. Air Safe offers a wide range of 5th wheel trailer hitches designed to provide a less-jarring ride when you are towing, including the AIRBOX. Prevent both your tires and your patience from wearing thin by looking into one of our best sellers.

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Avoid bumping and tugging your entire trip and get an AIRBOX before you pull out! The AIRBOX, by Air Safe Hitches, works by placing four commercial grade air bags directly below the hitch head. This allows it to become a compact air hitch that virtually absorbs all trailer damage and keeps you from feeling it. It’s tough-but-lightweight design allows you to easily remove it when you aren’t towing, then quickly re-attach when needed. This makes the AIRBOX great for road trips out of town where you won’t be towing once you arrive at your destination.

The AIRBOX was specifically designed to keep you safe on the road, to make the trip as smooth as possible, and to eliminate the stress on your vehicle that necessitates expensive repairs. It is everything you need in a hitch!

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The AIRBOX allows 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than the traditional hitch sold by our competitors does- that’s a promise! You can find all the information you need, including specific ordering and prices, on our helpful website. Order your hitch today to experience an enjoyable ride through and out of Michigan.




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